Garden Green - Effective Vermin composting

The earth-worms had multiplied to several in number through my first time composting. This is good news for me as I can start Vermin-Composting! For that purpose, use a Medium size Waste bin; perforate it, for aeration. Do drill, as many holes, under and around the bin. Then dump a little soil at the bottom of the bin, fill it with organic waste, vegetable or fruit peels, dry grass, dry leaves, twigs, weed, bits of Newspaper, card board etcetera. Also add a little of compost to give Vermin-composting a kick start! The compost contains micro organisms. Mix the soil components well. Gently drop 4 to 5 Earth-worms; more if available then add a top layer of ordinary soil, before you close the bin with a lid and keep it away for composting for a minimum of two months. Prior to adding the compost and other soil mix, for potted plants, clear the soil of weed, stones and added waste. Let the soil dry in the Sun for a day.

Sumathi Mohan

11.06 am
Oct 6, 2015

Vermin-composting, in kitchen gardenVermin-composting, in kitchen garden
Organic Compost after two months, made of vegetable and fruit peels, fruit peels,egg shells, dry grass etc.




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Wednesday, 08 April 2020

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