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    Sunday, 05 October 2014

    “If your head says forget it / but your heart’s still smoking call me at the station / the lines are open” –Joni Mitchell  Today’s forecast is for a 30% chance of showers in the mid 50s, with the Fall foliage just a couple days past peak. Actual c...
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    Sunday, 07 September 2014

    After a couple weeks on the new job, he goes out on a Saturday morning and stops by the recycling center to visit one of his former clients, who talks to him like he’d never left, tells him about the med changes, tells him that he’s still hoping to j...
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    Saturday, 23 August 2014

           The Chief of Surgery, standing alongside the Head of Pathology and the Director of Resident Training in the surgical theater, scowls. The surgeon, scalpel poised, looks up, sees the scowl, takes a deep breath and makes the primary incision. T...
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    Friday, 15 August 2014

      Eight days a week walking on Penny Lane he had Beatles tunes stuck in his head, but under the boardwalk it was The Drifters. He never figured out why fools fall in love in the still of the night.  
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    Friday, 15 August 2014

    Ever looked good out on Main, his feet a foot above a fiery sidewalk, his wings wide, his eyes glazed.  He’s higher and wiser than most, his lowest moments behind him now, dim memories, all the earth unfolding, lifting him up, a raging angel. Will h...

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  In Winter rain, the birds are flying Branch to branch, tree to naked tree. I can’t help wonder why. Why this one flies to that. Why those descend t...
It seems fitting that finishing off my PhD research should come with a last Farm Reflection. I only wrote a few over the three years of the research ...
In the corner I am here Standing as I do every year So the light that shone for them May shine for you....

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Monika Schott Losing The Compass
13 January 2020
Beautifully said, Rosy. Cheers to you. X
Rosy Cole Christmas At Thomas Hardy's Sherton Abbas
04 January 2020
Thank you! It was! Glad you enjoyed! :-)
Monika Schott Farm Reflections: Gratitude
01 January 2020
Thanks, Stephen. And a fabulous 2020 to you.
Stephen Evans Christmas At Thomas Hardy's Sherton Abbas
31 December 2019
Stunning - what a wonderful p;lace to celebrate Christmas.
Stephen Evans Farm Reflections: Gratitude
30 December 2019
Congratulations on completing your research and best wishes for your next adventure!