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The Art Of Life (3)

"When I went to Venice, I discovered that my dream had become – incredibly, but quite simply – my address." Marcel Proust


Venezia - Peder Mørk Mønsted


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The Art Of Life (2)


“Spring drew on...and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that Hope traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.”  Charlotte Brontë


The Cornish April by Adrian Paul Allinson (1890–1959)



Recent Comments
Stephen Evans
I want to find the place where Spring lasts for six months, two weeks of Summer, then Six months of Autumn, with winter one day of... Read More
Tuesday, 04 April 2023 21:35
Rosy Cole
Well, it's only asking for a total reorganisation of the planetary agenda...
Wednesday, 05 April 2023 12:55
Stephen Evans
and it would probably be crowded
Wednesday, 05 April 2023 21:15
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The Art Of Life

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. Camille Pissaro

LHermitage_at_Pontoise_Pissaro.png - 1.00 MB

Recent Comments
Stephen Evans
There is a room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, right next to the famous room with the Monets, that has many painti... Read More
Sunday, 12 March 2023 16:09
Rosy Cole
I'm sure it would be mine, too. What an overwhelming experience altogether that must have been! This image, as you may know, is Th... Read More
Monday, 13 March 2023 13:49
Stephen Evans
I like his rural paintings, but I also like his Paris paintings, like this one: Read More
Monday, 13 March 2023 22:34
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